Welcome to Mount Carmel Bible College

A One-Year Discipleship Program in Edmonton, Alberta

Mount Carmel Bible College is a one year discipleship program which exists to help young adults grow in their love for God and for people—balancing growth in knowledge with a passion for loving service. The program really revolves around nurturing a faith thatʼs integrated through learning, loving and living.


We live what we know, and we cannot live what we do not know. Stretch your mind—learn to view life from the perspective of God first. Think about your world and your role in that world in a new way.


We believe that individuals need community to fully experience the life Christ calls us to. Enlarge your heart—in a transformational, loving environment where people are welcomed as they are and helped to become what they can be.


Jesus intends for his people to make an impact in the world, particularly in our loving service to others. Offer your hands—put yourself and your love into improving the lives and situations of others.