How to Apply

The Application Process

Applications and fees can be submitted online or via mail. We aim to keep our application process relatively simple, so if you've got questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Step 1: Check Admission Requirements
❑ Applicants must have a high school diploma. Mature applicants (over 21 years of age) may be accepted with equivalent academic and/or career background.

❑ Applicants must demonstrate in their application and interview a commitment to Jesus Christ and a desire to grow in faith through participation in all aspects of our program: community life, service and academics.

Step 2: Complete Application and References
NOTE: To download and print these forms, please find the attachements at the bottom of this page.

❑ Complete the online Application Form. If you include the e-mails for your Friend and Spiritual Advisor References, they will be automatically contacted via that e-mail. References must submit completed forms directly to Mount Carmel.

❑ Applicants must write a brief, typed personal essay (under 500 words), outlining their family, school, Christian growth and service experience; their reason for application to Mount Carmel, and their future plans.

Step 3: Submit Forms with Application Fee

❑ Send completed Application (with personal essay) and a $50.00 (CDN) non-refundable application fee.

Step 4: Transcripts

❑ Arrange to have transcripts forwarded directly to Mount Carmel from high school and/or any post-secondary schools where previously enrolled.

Step 5: Interview

❑ After application information has been received by our Registrar, applicants will be scheduled to complete an application interview with one of our staff members.


Mail-In Application (for download and print)
Mount Carmel Application Form
Friend Reference Form (Download)
Spiritual Advisor Reference Form (Download)