The 2022 Stan King Memorial Scholarship

The Stan King Memorial Scholarship

Do you know a student who could use a nudge toward a year of Bible study, service, and Christian community within a local discipleship program? Help them keep their faith moving forward!

Mount Carmel Bible College has available a limited number of scholarships for enrolling 2022-2023 students. Leaders and mentors are invited to submit a scholarship recommendation on behalf of a young adult in their congregation who they feel would benefit from a dedicated year of faith formation.

Should your nomination be approved, and the nominee choose to enrol as a full-time student at Mount Carmel Bible College for this college year. This bursary is non-transferable and only applicable for the 2022-2023 year.

Nominate a potential student for a gap-year scholarship in FOUR easy steps:

    1. Prayerfully consider a potential student in your sphere of influence who would benefit from a Christian gap year at Mount Carmel Bible College.

•  Do you have a student who has displayed a desire for deeper spiritual growth?

•  Do you have a student you feel has strong or developing ministry skills?

•  Do you have a student who’s financial situation might prevent them from applying?

    2.Take 5 minutes to complete the scholarship form online (see below). 

   3. Submit the online form or e-mail/mail us.

•  Submissions will be processed in the order received. Mount Carmel will strive to respond to your nomination within 14 days of receipt.

    4. Take a few minutes to let the student know why you've nominated them for this scholarship. Encourage them to prayerfully consider a year of faith formation.

        •  Should your nomination be approved, you are responsible to follow-up with the student you have nominated and pass along the scholarship approval letter.

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In a few short sentences, let us know why you are nominating this young adult. For example, you could choose to nominate a student who demonstrates a desire for deeper spiritual growth, a student with developing ministry skills, or simply a student facing financial challenges that might discourage them from considering a discipleship year. Your reasons for nomination are not limited.
Best number to reach you at during daytime hours.
What church are you a part of?