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Annemarie: InterChange Thailand Update #5

Posted May 13, 2019

This update is brought to you by the letter A, as in Annemarie.

On Thursday we went down to one of the red light districts in Bangkok to visit a mission called Nightlight. This mission focuses on helping Thai women get out of the sex trade by giving them a job with a stable salary, like sewing, making jewelry, or baking. They also work with foreign women who have been trafficked into Thailand, helping them get back to their home country, or if it is not safe there, to another country as a refugee.

Jaclyn: InterChange Thailand Update #4

Posted May 10, 2019

Today's update is from Jaclyn: 

I constantly get the realization that we are in Thailand – like actually across the globe, which blows my mind and just over a week ago we were in Edmonton. A lot has happened since we’ve come to Thailand, and a lot of things that we had heard about in preparation became so much more real. Not just a story anymore – real hurting & loving people.