Latest Covid-19 Update


October 6:

With last year ending online and the ongoing changes of how to safely proceed with our program, most of the summer months were spent planning and wondering what this fall and in person classes would look and feel like. 

So what does it look like?

Everyday we start the day with a screening check. We sit 6 feet apart in classes, in chapel, and in the dining hall. We don’t use the kitchen like we used to and there is hand sanitizer everywhere. Masks are a normal part of the day to day. Some of our volunteer placements for students and our Impact program have completely changed. We postponed our Vancouver trip until second semester and are daily adjusting our activities to do them safely.

How does it feel?

It feels great! Yes it’s different but after a long period where many of us have been disconnected from the greater faith community it is wonderful to be together again. The first time we had a chapel, even without singing it was wonderful and emotional to be worshipping together. Being in a class or a small group discussion even when masked or distancing has been just fine. Students were grateful just to be doing classes in person after many of them finished last year online.

All that to say that in the middle of a pandemic this year is off to a great start. We would appreciate you joining us in prayer that we can make it through this entire year without incident or having to stop meeting in person. We will continue to keep the protocols needed to keep our staff and students safe and are grateful to find that it is still a rich and life giving experience. We hope you are also experiencing life and connection with God’s people in this unprecedented time as well.



May 14:

Greetings From Mount Carmel Bible College

With the announcement of the the Government relaunch program we wanted to inform you that we are open and taking applications for the Fall of 2020.

Due to the smaller class size and nature of our program, we anticipate being able to make minor adjustments and run a normal year with minimal impact.

Students have already applied and been accepted for our fall class but there are still openings.

If you are interested or know someone who is please contact us at

- Ken Marshman