Carmel Sessions

Carmel Sessions are back by popular demand this November. What are Carmel Sessions? They are a chance for the greater community to come enjoy teaching sessions with some of our great instructors. Sign up now as openings will be limited for this event.

Each night will be a different topic with a different instructor. Sign up for one or all three! 

November 9: "Take my Life": A One Night Seminar on the Call to Surrender- What does it mean to live a life surrendered to God? Am I living a fully surrendered life? We sing songs like "Take my Life & Let it Be" and "I Surrender All", but what does that look like in the moments of everyday? What does God expect from me? Join Mike Pedde for an evening of teaching and discussion as we investigate God’s Word.

November 16: "Rejoice in the Lord Always..." But How?- Has your world become a little overwhelming? I hear the urgency and volume of its messaging pushing into every area of my own life and I want to shut it all off. Just leave me to hold on to the bits of joy that I have left. But maybe there is another way? Join Ty Gurnett for an evening of teaching and discussion aimed at re-establishing Christian joy in our daily walk.

November 23: Rediscovering the Beauty of the Darkest Psalm- When we think of the Psalms, usually we are filled with images of joy, hope, and faith, even in the midst of trials. Not Psalm 88. This Psalm is filled with nothing but despair, hopelessness, and darkness. And yet, this anguish is precisely what makes Psalm 88 so indispensable to the Christian life. Come and rediscover the beauty of the darkest Psalm with Jeremy Greiner.

Choose one, two or all three evenings!