Focus Youth Conference

Focus Conference is coming back!!!

APRIL 30  2022



We are so excited to be bring back Focus Conference! This one-day conference will be jam packed with a lot of excitement and energy. You can come expecting to experience great food, crazy activities, new connections and a challenging speaker!


Focus is hosted at Mount Carmel Bible College in Edmonton, Alberta. We are located at 4725-106 Avenue, just south of the river. 

Early Bird Price (Before April 5): $30 

*We cannot guarantee t-shirt size after this date*

Regular Price: $40



• Some friends. Maybe a small Bible and notebook.
• Indoor shoes.

• Warm outside winter clothing, including outdoor footwear.


For more information or additional inquiries, please contact:

Phone: 780.465.3015 or 1.800.561.6443


Please let us know of any food allergies or dietary restrictions.
Adult unisex sizing
We'd love to have you extend your visit to Mount Carmel by attending our Open House. Grab a friend, skip a day of school, and come spend a day with us to get a sense of who we are and what a year at Carmel involves. Check the "Yes, I'm coming" button and you're registered!
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