Annemarie: InterChange Thailand Update #10

Posted May 23, 2019

Annemarie will give you some reflection today.

As we came to the Isaan area in north-eastern Thailand, we were greeted with the most excited and warm woman you could ever meet. Tu (pronounced Doo) is a Thai woman from Isaan who has decided to work in her home area as a missionary. She also went to Mount Carmel about 15 years ago. Tu is one of the most inspiring women I have ever met. Her love for God and her desire to please him and follow his call is evident in everything she does, down to the smallest detail. She is constantly thanking God for everything in her life and in the lives of those around her, and when she feels sadness, anger, or has any kind of trouble, she is quick to ask God for help and to ask for peace and wisdom, and she is quick to pray for those who put her in tough situations. Her graciousness and humility are just one part of her that makes her so amazing to connect with, because you know those attributes only come from spending so much time with God in a deep way that reaches to the depths of your soul.

Seeing Tu work with the children at the school she teaches at or seeing her with the community of believers that she ministers to really gives you hope for the people living in Isaan, because Tu is truly a light for God in the best way. But we know that Tu cannot do all this on her own. First, we must pray for her, and second, she could use some help. Tu, in her demure way, did ask if we knew any Christians who would want to come and teach English in her school or help the other American family who is ministering in the area. This call to action is easy to ignore, and I’m sure God will find ways to work there no matter the circumstances, but maybe God wants to work through you, or even me. Tu has been able to discern God’s will for her life through the closing and opening of doors and the council of other mature believers, so maybe it’s time to look at our lives and discern which doors God is opening and if one of them leads to Thailand.