InterChange ::: Thoughts from Thailand

Posted May 23, 2018

When I first arrived in Thailand I had little idea of what being a missionary entailed, but with help I am beginning to fit the pieces together. The big picture is the kingdom of God. We are all in different ways trying to help build it; that is our unified goal. How one goes about building the kingdom is another story. Some minister to the marginalized, outcasts or refuges. Some take a more round-about route and minister to a large group through English camps, interesting object lessons, booklets, and audio-track distribution.  

No matter how one chooses to try to build God’s kingdom, the necessary main ingredient is love. We can all show love. We can help build God’s kingdom if we are willing to be used, willing to show love and encourage others along the way. The main idea I walk away from the past few days of visiting missionaries is that no matter the method of ministry, we all need the same willingness to say “yes” to showing love.