Posted May 8, 2019

Today's thought brought to you by the town of LaCrete, Alberta and written by Leah.

I find it hard to believe we’ve been in Thailand for 5 days already, but at the same time it’s nearly impossible to think it has only been 5 days. We have already seen and experienced so much here, including the terrifying responsibility of attempting to order your own meals while knowing little to none of the language. 

We spent time with some local missionaries who gave us a small picture of their vision for the city of Korat. We looked over the entire city from the top of a tall lookout, giving us the opportunity to pray over the city. Eric shared with us that the first time they saw the view it was overwhelming and the work they wanted to do was so out of their capability. In a city of around 700,000 people and less than 35 churches, it seems hopeless. But when we were invited into the home of Eric and his family we were able to see a small piece of their lives there, and what really caught my eye was Eric’s broken pot gardening. He would take broken pots off the streets and turn them into beautiful miniature gardens with all sorts of plants growing inside of them. Eric had mentioned that relationship with the Thai people is essential and evangelism is something that comes later as the opportunity arises. I think their effort in building relationship connects to Eric’s broken pot gardening. In Korat there is a lot of brokenness and need for freedom, much like the flower pots Eric would find. When Eric finds those pots he doesn’t try to fix them, but makes something out of them. He plants seeds and cares for the small gardens, growing life in something that is broken. This family is not making it a goal to fix the people they encounter, but to show them the love of God through the friendships they are able to make with the Thai people.

Please pray for the for the ability for the missionaries here to be able to build healthy, trusting relationships with the people in their communities, and that through those friendships the love of God will be shown to the Thai people in a tangible way. Pray that Thais will remain open to Christianity.