Liza: InterChange Thailand Update #11

Posted May 23, 2019

Some thoughts from Liza.

We spent two days teaching English to elementary aged students in Kham Muang, where Tu, a Thai missionary, works as an English teacher. I was surprised at how eager some of the kids were. Many of them were paying attention and really trying to learn from us. Their eyes were sparkling as they gave us their full attention. They endured five different 30 minute sections of our teaching in one morning. That feels like too much information to be learning in one day–I don’t really know how much they learned! But our role was really not just to teach English. Our presence was partly to help Tu, and to build her reputation in the school. We have a skill (English speaking) that helps them, and we can take that for granted. When we help her, we were helping to increase her respect among the staff. Our simple act of service can help them think more highly of her and of Christians in general. I pray that as those kids grow and move beyond Tu’s school they would continue to have someone that would be a good influence on them and even lead them in the direction towards God.