News From The President

Posted March 26, 2018

I received an email a few weeks ago from a Mount Carmel alumnus recalling an almost off-handed comment I had made more than a decade ago. This person was then facing a difficult and intimidating situation. I apparently encouraged them by saying “You are going to be okay”. I didn’t remember the situation they described; I didn’t remember making the comment at all. But somehow that phrase had remained significant for them over the past few years. 

I would like to think that somewhere in all my talking and teaching I may have one day accidently said something more profound than “You are going to be okay”.  But honestly, maybe I haven’t. Possibly that phrase carries within it the whole hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the whole promise of God’s work in the world. Maybe it encapsulates the good news.  “You are going to be okay.”  God has stepped into the world to reunite us to himself, and to create a new unity within humanity. We are going to be okay.

I will be fully involved and committed as President for another year and a half.

Since receiving that email, that phrase has come to mind often in relation to my own life and to Mount Carmel.  “It is going to be okay”.  In January, I formally submitted my resignation as President of Mount Carmel to the Board of Directors, with the intention of stepping aside by June, 2019. I will be fully involved and committed as President for another year and a half. I had first informed the Board more than a year ago that I was leaning in this direction, and they have graciously given me time and encouragement to consider carefully if this is the right thing.  I have made this choice under no pressure from the Board, and am very grateful for their wisdom and guidance during this process. 

My decision to step aside from leading Mount Carmel is motivated by the desire to see the school continue to be as effective in making disciples as it can be. After leading for fifteen years, I think the school will benefit from a fresh perspective and set of ideas.  It is time to let someone else shape and refine how we are making disciples.

In the midst of change, there still is good wisdom in the simple truth “it will be okay”.

The decision to resign has come with struggle and some anxiety. Shauna and I don’t have a plan for the next phase our lives.  But “it is going to be okay”.  Of course this decision will affect Mount Carmel as well. But our fifty year history should teach us that it really is going to be okay. God continues to care for us as individuals, as churches, and as discipleship ministries. He wants lives shaped into his image. He will provide the people and the ideas to get it done. 

Mount Carmel’s Board has begun the search for someone to serve as President.  They will need wisdom, and God’s guidance. Over the coming months, God will provide. In the midst of change, there still is good wisdom for us all in the simple truth “it will be okay”.

Board Response

The MCBS board is thankful for Wayne’s service as president at MCBS. We wish him and Shauna all the best as they seek God’s direction for their future. The board has been aware of this possibility over the last while and has established a search committee (Melanie Linklater, Gary Short, Doug Siewert) that has been working on the process to find a new president. This process will be finalized at the board meeting in April and then communicated to the MCBS community. We value your prayers throughout this process.