Thailand ::: Student Perspectives

Posted May 23, 2018

Thank you so much for the prayers. These past few days have consisted of prepping, teaching, and eating, but there are some highlights within that. Our first day of teaching was interesting because we really did not know what to expect. How much English did the kids know? How big was the class size? God really helped us out in teaching the kids and it was overall a good experience.

The most interesting things we have eaten are crickets and silk worms. The silk worms weren’t as good, but the crickets tasted almost exactly like Lays original chips. As one child said, “Just don’t look at what you’re eating and you will do great”.

The second day of teaching was so much fun because the kids would come talk to us and very hesitantly and shake our hand, and then run away to show off to their friends that they did it. It was quite funny and cute to see that happening at all ages from ages three to eleven. For me, teaching ran much smoother and there were not as many hiccups as expected, the older kids got a handle on our games and made it really enjoyable to be a part of.

So far, the trip has been amazing and I am excited to see and learn more about Thailand. Continue to pray for us as we teach some more and live with the missionaries over the weekend.