Wayne: InterChange Thailand Update #1

Posted May 7, 2019

It is Sunday night (Math 5th) as I write this. We arrived in Bangkok on Saturday around noon. Flights were all completely uneventful. 

We spent Saturday afternoon in the neighbourhood of Global English School, where we are staying while in this area. Today started an 8 AM church service with some refugees from Vietnam. That was followed with teaching English to some from that group. Tonight we went to one of the communities where this group of refuge people live, and listened to their stories of why they are in Thailand, and how they are being treated here. Probably more will come on that over the next few days. The group has done well. Very tired last night, but held up well today. 

Pray for open hearts. Sometimes we can see so much that things sort of stop registering with us. Just pray that ideas would sink in and stick with us. 

– Wayne