Student Voice

Here's What Some Grads Have To Say

In about November this year I basically had a grace awakening. God grabbed me by the shoulders and made it clear that I am forgiven regardless of how much I don’t deserve it. My whole perspective of following Jesus changed. I was continually reminded that this life is not mine. Every breath I breathe is God’s. Living with this mentality, my entire life was affected.

I actually found myself asking how Jesus would live in each situation. It started to become a lot more daily.

I was reminded that I am to walk in the way of Jesus in all things. Even in the way I fold clothes. In the way I drive, in the way I talk to the lady behind the cash register, in the way I play hockey, in the way I work, in the way I treat my roommates, in the way I treat my family, in the way I eat my food, in the way I spend my money, in the way I get up in the morning, in the way I treat creation. All of it!   –   Josh, Grad 2015

 I have learned that my identity is not found in my accomplishments but my identity is found in Jesus Christ and living that out as a servant.

I have learned that I daily need to ask myself “Do I love God today?”

For each day I get to decide if my actions are moving me in the direction of God’s ways and living for His Kingdom. Each day is a new day.   –   Gerdiene, Grad 2015

I became more aware of the world around me, instead of just my own little bubble. I began to look at the homeless, the addict, the driver who cut me off, the rude grocery clerk all differently. 

I began to catch glimpses of all these people as children of Christ and that they are just as much his child as I am and there is no separation between “them” and “us” in God’s eyes.

This life is not my own and Carmel brought to life the fact that everything I do, everything I say, and everything I have needs to be for the Glory of a God who gave up his entire life for me- no matter what the circumstances. I need to live my life in reflection of a man that was persecuted, mocked, beaten, laughed at, rejected, and hated.   –   Tiffany, Grad 2015