Trips & Retreats

On the Road

Throughout the course of the school year, students spend just over a month traveling together. Two ministry trips give students experience with loving overlooked people groups, as well as help them become more aware of their own gifting and ability. Two retreats help students connect and recharge as they learn to live well together, and to love each other deeply. Life on the road together helps students learn to balance the social aspects of community with service to other people, to hold work time and play time in tension, to spend time interacting with people who may approach life quite differently.

Mountains & Rivers Retreat – Mid-September

This orientation retreat could take the form of an adventure-filled outtrip in the beautiful Rocky Mountains or a 5-day windswept paddle down the North Saskatchewan River.

Vancouver Inner City Ministry Trip – November

Spend time with the people Jesus hung out with–the sick, the addicted, the prostitutes, the outcasts–and discover your own brokenness.

​Relationships Winter Retreat – Early January

This retreat is a time of relaxing and reconnection at a beautiful camp facility perched on the edge of the Red Deer River Valley.

Northern Alberta Ministry Trip – March

Across ice-roads and through northern forests, we'll visit various First Nations communities and work in elementary schools.


InterChange Thailand Option – May

A three week travel experience through both urban and rural Thailand. See more details here.

Camp Team Option – July/August

Discover the joys and challenges of camp ministry. Serve at 7 or 8 different camp settings thoughout Alberta and discover your gifts.