Impact Hours Log

Track Your Weekly Impact Hours

This online form is how we track whether or not you have fulfilled the IMPACT hours that we have agreed upon. This form will not accept your hourly commitment sign-off without the reflection. Please be honest about whether or not you have completed your hours. The only one that will lose by being dishonest is you.

The total reflection is to be 150 - 300 words. 

This weekly web-log must be submitted each Sunday at 7:00 PM. The form will only allow one submission per user, per week and places a time-stamp on each submission to inform us as to whether or not it was submitted on time. Late assignments will not be accepted.

IMPACT marks are directly tied to your weekly reflection on the question of the week. Every week you will think about and write about that week’s question and hand in your reflection. These questions will vary in topic and tone, but they are all geared to helping you look at your placement from different perspectives. Sprinkled into the weeks will be a space for basic reflection/venting/questioning, etc. This form will not accept your hourly commitment sign-off without the reflection. The total reflection should fall between 200 - 300 words (roughly a half-page to a page). Late assignments will not be accepted.
Select your Tuesday afternoon Impact placement from the list
Hours you attended your Tuesday afternoon IMPACT Placement this week. Round to the nearest .5 hour; do not include travel time.
Type the name of your second placement.
Hours you attended your IMPACT Placement Two this week. Round to the nearest .5 hour; do not include travel time.
If applicable, type the name of your third placement.
If applicable, hours you attended your IMPACT Placement Three this week. Round to the nearest .5 hour; do not include travel time.
Fall 2019 Weekly IMPACT Questions

September 29:
Why did you choose the placements that you did? What are you planning on getting out of this experience this coming year? In what ways do you think you will be challenged by your various placements?

October 6:
Choose one of your placements and tell me about its history. When did it begin? Why did it begin? Talk to some of the long-term staff or volunteers about where the organization started and where it is going. (PLEASE try to stay off the internet for this one.)

October 13:
Describe your interactions with the other staff members/volunteers. Do you feel involved? Do you feel welcome? Explain.

October 20:
Tell me about one special interaction that you had this week. Why was it impactful to you?

October 27: 

Tell me about a person from one of your Impact's that stands out to you. This could be another volunteer, a client or staff. What is their story? Why do they stand out to you?

November 3: Submit Hours- no question this week (in Vancouver)

November 10: Submit Hours- no question this week 

November 17:
In what ways has your time in Vancouver affected your outlook to your own service at your Impact placements here in Edmonton? Use specific examples if possible.

November 24:
This week, intentionally look for a way that God is at work at one of your placements (whether small or large). Tell me about this time. How were you able to join in that work?

December 1:
How are you using your God-given strengths in your placements? Describe your gifts and give an example of how you were able to share it with others.

December 8:
As you are half-way through the Impact program, what has been the most challenging? What has been the most rewarding? What has surprised you?

December 15:
As you go into the Christmas break, reflect on how you think you attitude towards service has changed or shifted, if it has.


Winter 2020 Weekly IMPACT Questions

January 19
What is your mentality entering back into Impact for this semester? Are you more concerned about your ministry? or getting hours in? why?

January 26
Do you see yourself growing in service? Why or Why not? If so, how?

February 2
What is one thing that challenged you this week/ made you think/ stood out to you, in your Impact placements?

February 9
What is one way you served someone this week outside of your Impact placements? Tell me about it...

February 16
What is one thing you did not expect from your placement this Carmel year?

February 23
No question this week, but submit hours from February 18 - 24

March 1
Has your view of other people groups changed during Impact? How? Why or Why not?

March 8
Tell me about a fellow volunteer or someone you serve. Give me a brief synopsis of what you know about them and what your relationship is like.

March 15 

What has been a highlight in an Impact placement this year? 

March 22

What has given you joy from your placements this week?

March 29 *modified*

What is something you have done- above your typical habits- to serve those around you this week? Some examples could be a physical task (eg. washing someone's dishes), an encouragement (eg. calling an old friend to see how they're doing) or a gift (eg. sending money to a charity you find). Did this feel like service? Is it?

April 5 *modified*

What place do you think desire has in service? (Or- in other words- what weight do you give your desire to serve in a certain capacity? Or should you serve somewhere based more on their need?)

April 12 *modified*

No question this week- just submit hours

April 19 *modified*
Has your attitude changed since September when it comes to showing up and serving at your placements? What's your plan going forward? Will you continue serving at your placement?