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1 year program

Mount Carmel is about making disciples. We exist to be a Christian community that disciples students to know God and live for Him. Our focus is as much on character and life development as on academics. To this end we have designed our program around three core components: community, service and learning. While our program only lasts one year, the connections and relationships formed last much longer than that.

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our mission & story

Mount Carmel Bible College was founded to provide biblical training for all followers of Jesus. For over 50 years, Mount Carmel Bible College has maintained this purpose, providing an affordable and accessible one-year discipleship program in Edmonton, Alberta. By combining college-level Bible courses with volunteer work and regular ministry trips, Mount Carmel creates a unique, close-knit Christian community that encourages and supports personal transformation and equips students to know God and to live for Him.

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Experience carmel

Friendships. Road Trips. Northern Lights. Service. Slurpees. Bible Study. Worship. Laughter. Brokenness. Learning. Our program is not just about accumulating head knowledge, but about learning to live, think, and love the way Jesus did. Through classroom learning, small group discussion, hands-on service, community activities, and ministry trips and retreats, our students don’t just attend a school but join a community that is learning to know and serve God together.

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Faith is the adventure of following Jesus into the real world. Faith is trusting that God can change and empower us. Faith pulls and propels us to think and see and respond differently to the people around us.

Mount Carmel is about everyday Christian faith. Our focus is on helping people connect their faith in Jesus Christ to the normal events and relationships of their lives. Our unique one-year program mixes college-level learning with hands on service and deep community designed to help you bring faith to life. When faith meets life, life begins to take on a whole new significance.
God is active in my life. He is not distant and He cares for me. I can trust God's love and kindness no matter where I go from here.
Mount Carmel Bible College 2022 Graduate

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