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How has our trip to Vancouver's Downtown Eastside affected the view of your own volunteer placement here in Edmonton?

It really opened my eyes to the reality and closeness of poverty- it was heartbreaking to see so many people living in such difficult situations. Despite terrible circumstances, almost all of the people that I had an opportunity to talk to were extremely open about their situations and where they came from...Most people just wanted somebody to talk to; somebody to sit and listen to their story. I think the thing that will affect my Impact placement here in Edmonton the most will be just learning to become a good listener. I have been helping out at an after school drop-in program for Jr. High students and, like most people, these kids just want someone to show interest in them. Everyone wants to feel loved and accepted...The Vancouver trip really opened my eyes to the fact that every human being has their own issues- some people are just better at hiding them. It's important to build positive relationships that are encouraging and trustworthy. Life is about showing love to one another the way that God shows us love.

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Mount Carmel Bible College is a one year discipleship school in the city of Edmonton, Alberta. Combining college-level Bible courses with weekly volunteer work and regular ministry trips, Mount Carmel creates a unique, close-knit Christian community that encourages and supports personal transformation. At a total cost of $6500, our program includes local missions, retreats, and service as well as travel and adventure–students spend over a month together on the road. Ultimately our mission is to “disciple willing Christians to a deeper, more passionate commitment to God and others; expressed through increasing knowledge, love, and service”. View our Privacy Policy