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Summer 2022 Short Report

Does anyone else remember eating sugar cubes from the coffee station at church? Growing up, my friends and I would sneak past the table, trying not to be discovered, and then walk away beaming with joy as the little cubes dissolved in our mouth. I’m guessing some of you can relate to this.

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Spring 2022 Short Report

Nils and his wife Michelle both graduated from Mount Carmel Bible College in 2008 and have been involved in the communityever since. Prior to working at Mount Carmel, Nils worked as a civil engineer for a large consulting firm, but has also spent time working as a Youth and Young Adults Paster at Southgate Alliance Church, serving overseas in Vijayawada, India, and working as the Water and Sanitation Hygiene (WASH) manager on disaster response teams with Samaritan's Purse. They are kept busy by their three small kids, Silas (5), Joshua (3) and Phoebe (10 months).

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Winter 2021 Short Report

I love the Christmas season. I love cold snow, hot drinks, the smell of pine needles, and apple cider. I love curling up in a blanket by the fireplace and reading. I love finding presents I think people will enjoy and wrapping them (while trying to make sure the paper lines up just right). I can sit for hours and work on a puzzle while listening to Bing Crosby's White Christmas album. Every year I look forward to all these things, but even for me, I felt like this year my family was starting a little early.

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Spring 2021 Short Report

Where have you been using the word hope? Many of us have been using it lately in relation to the pandemic. “I hope we can get together soon. I hope ______ doesn’t get sick. I hope the next announcement allows us to do _____. I hope we can travel soon. I hope the vaccine ends all this. ” At the end of a long February with no real change in public health measures and the coldest weeks of the year we keep having to face reality. Constantly going through this cycle of putting our hope in our circumstances is proving to be a sure way to be disappointed.

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Winter 2020 Short Report

We have a unique opportunity this year to experience this season of Advent with renewed appreciation. Due to our current situation, we have a fresh experience of what it means to wait and to look forward with hope of change to circumstances beyond our control. And while this is a new experience for many of us, generations before us have had their own experiences of reality mirroring the season of Advent.

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Spring 2020 Short Report

We have now reached the mid point of the second semester. The Focus Youth Conference was a great success thanks to our hardworking staff and volunteers. It’s now in the rear view mirror as we look forward to our High Level Ministry Exposure trip, and beyond that, graduation.

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Winter 2019 Short Report

My grandfather loved to see things grow. As a farmer and a gardener he dedicated his life to creating the best environment for plants to flourish. It was his occupation on the farm, and his hobby and passion in the garden. The results were obvious. His huge garden was full of row after row of healthy produce. I liked the carrots most and would often wash one or two off in the rain barrel for a snack. My wife would be most excited for the tomatoes. Deep red, firm, juicy, they were nothing like what you got in a store.

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