our mission

Commitment to God and others

Our mission at Mount Carmel Bible College is “to disciple willing Christians to a deeper, more passionate commitment to God and others; expressed through increasing knowledge, love, and service.”

We believe that all Christians are called to be disciple makers and to make a positive difference in their homes, workplaces, communities, churches, and around the world. Therefore our program is designed to encourage and to challenge our students to help students live out their faith, and to put God first in all aspects of their lives.

our story

Mount Carmel was started by a group of Christian Brethren from Western Canada in 1968

Their vision was to form a Bible school in an urban setting, without a student residence, that also encouraged people to work part-time while attending.

Our Brethren heritage continues to influence us as many of our Board and Faculty members are affiliated with Brethren churches. The manner in which our school obtains the majority of its financial support and our strong orientation towards training Christian lay people are evidence of this connection.

Our program continues to be structured in a way that encourages and enables both students and staff to be involved in other ministry and work endeavors while participating in the Mount Carmel community. Despite the reality that we now consider ourselves to be an inter-denominational school, we owe a great deal to our Brethren.

our staff

Our staff are passionate followers of Jesus, committed to helping others grow in their life of faith. We try to keep our student to staff ratio extremely  low (typically 4-5 students per staff) to ensure ongoing mentorship is provided to each student individually. We believe that building close relationships with people who are a little ‘ahead’ of you in life sparks growth and so we strive to spend individual time with each student. Most members of the teaching faculty hold a Masters degree. In order to keep our costs low, almost all of our staff are part-time at Mount Carmel, and hold another job and/or have ministry responsibilities with other organizations or churches.

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our students

Our students come to us from a wide array of Christian churches, denominations and faith backgrounds. While all our students are committed to following Jesus and to growing in their faith, our program is designed to help students grow, no matter where they are at in their faith journey. Whether you are new to the christian faith, or have grown up in the church, you’ll feel at home in our community. While our student body is largely made up of people who have graduated from high school in recent years (age 18-24), we also welcome and enjoy students who are at different stages of life.

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our campus

Mount Carmel Bible College is located at 4725-106 avenue, just south of the river in Edmonton, Alberta. If you’ve never been to our campus, sign up for an open house to visit us in person.

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