10 reasons
we're different

Where faith meets life

Our unique one-year program mixes college-level learning with hands-on service and deep community–designed to help you bring faith to life. Here's a few things that we believe make Mount Carmel Bible College a great place to learn, love and live more fully.



Life is not meant to be lived alone. At Carmel, community is nurtured through weekly chapels, growth groups and retreats, but also happens naturally in the course of everyday life–shared meals, serving, laughing, and hanging out. Explore community and connection as a part of a group committed to living well together.


one year

That's it, that's all. We offer an intensely concentrated one year program (September–April) aimed at real life transformation. We’re not tied up in the complexities of running an institution with multiple degrees and programs.


travel adventures

As Christ-followers, we’re often on the move. Whether we're jumping a bus to Vancouver or sleeping on the side of a mountain under a wet tarp, we will spend over a month away from the classroom, serving, loving, and bonding on four different trips. For more info visit Trips & Retreats.



We work hard to stay affordable without hidden costs. Jump into the whole Carmel experience for about $6500—that includes fees for tuition, retreats, trips, etc.



Our close community allows for many friendships and connections, while creating a sense of belonging for everyone. A smaller group of students (15-25) allows for in-depth interactions in a big family atmosphere.



One of the best forms of learning is doing. Learn to serve by serving. Learn to love by loving. Learn to help by helping. In addition to two ministry trips, students spend significant time every week volunteering with a variety of organizations.



Since most people will live the majority of their lives in an urban setting, it seems to us that the city a great place to live as you learn to follow Jesus. Students learn to carry the love of Jesus in a highly relevant context.


real-life accommodations

No student residence or dorms here. Students arrange their own accomodations and manage their own lives, with a little help from their friends.


with purpose

Disciples are shaped. Our staff work to model and set the tone of openness to the life of Jesus and are committed to coming alongside students in their personal journeys. Staff are intentional about being involved in student lives, and allow students to observe and interact with them.



Knowledge matters, but knowledge that is applied and practiced changes lives. Through in-depth biblical study we aim for personal transformation in how people think and live.