Admission Requirements

Character Requirement

Discipleship is not about academics or test scores, but about an ongoing willingness to follow Jesus. Therefore we strive to make our program accessible and available to anyone who wants to grow in their faith and is willing to be discipled.

Therefore applicants must be committed to following Jesus Christ and possess a desire to grow in faith through participation in all aspects of our program: community life, service and academics.

Academic Requirement

By keeping our program small, we are able to adapt our discipleship program to benefit a wide range of students. Therefore, whether you are in medical school, working on a farm, struggling through grade 12, or have no idea what to do next in life, our program consistently helps students grow in their faith and learn to live the life God’s created us for. 

However, there is a significant classroom component to our program. Therefore, to enroll in our full course load, applicants should have a high school diploma.  Mature applicants (over 21 years of age) may be accepted with equivalent academic and/or career background.

Applicants without a highschool diploma are encouraged to apply, but a reduced course load may be recommended during the application process.

Home Educated Students

At Mount Carmel, we believe that there are various ways to provide a quality education, including home education. We therefore encourage home educated students to apply. During the application process, home educated applicants may be asked to provide a portfolio or sample of  work, to determine the applicant's academic experience.