Do you accept students from outside Canada?

Unfortunately the Canadian government no longer allows unaccredited, 1-year programs such as ours to accept international applicants. In the past Mount Carmel has welcomed students from many countries: Germany, Sweden, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and the United States.

Would I be eligible for a student loan?

Since we are not a degree granting institution, students at Mount Carmel do not qualify for Canadian or Provincial Student Loans. However, students are often able to qualify for personal loans from their local bank. Additionally, Alberta students are able to use their Rutherford Scholarships toward tuition. In the hope that people will not leave here in debt, we work hard to keep tuition costs low, and encourage students to hold part-time jobs.

What are the costs and fees of Mount Carmel?

Mount Carmel students pay about one third of the total cost of their education. The rest is supplied through donations by individuals and churches committed to growing disciples.

Tuition and Fees:  
The total cost (including all trips, retreats & activity fees) for the 2024-2025 MCBC year is $6500.

Semester 1: $3325 (due Sept. 13, 2024)

Semester 2: $3175 (due Jan. 17, 2025)

Additional Fees:
The cost of books for your year at MCBC is approximately $250, due at time of purchase.
InterChange Thailand Trip (optional): ~$3500 (May 2025; subject to change)

Students are responsible to arrange their own housing. Shared accommodation and food costs could be as little as $500 per month. Students should probably expect living costs of up to $700 per month.

Application Incentives:
Completed applications received by December 15 save $500 off listed tuition fees. Applications received by March 15 save the cost of textbooks. $200 late fee for applications received after August 1.

Can I transfer Mount Carmel credits to another institution?

As is the case with all one year schools, Mount Carmel is not accredited by any official accrediting agency. If you choose to go on to further Christian study, we have had credits successfully transfer to Vanguard College, Peace River Bible Institute, Briercrest Bible College, Prairie Bible College, Providence Bible College, and Rocky Mountain Bible Colleges. If you plan on transferring Mount Carmel credits to another institution, please enquire in advance with the registrars of both institutions.

Does Mount Carmel have a residence?

All of Mount Carmel’s students are responsible for their own housing. Students share accommodations with roommates, rent spaces on their own, or arrange room and board. Mount Carmel can provide help for students as they arrange housing, and will work with you to be sure you have suitable housing. Many of the lessons learned come from having to be responsible for your own life.

Can I come to mount carmel starting in the second semester?

Given the fact that community life is a key part of the Mount Carmel experience, students joining in the second semester can be distracting and possibly disruptive to community dynamics. Requests made to start Mount Carmel in the second semester are dealt with on a case by case basis.

When are fees due?

First semester fees are due by September 13 and second semester fees must be paid by January 17. Formal withdrawal by the end of the first month of classes in a semester results in a 75% refund; withdrawal by the end of the second month will result in a 25% refund. No refunds will be issued after the second month of a semester.

What Degrees can I get from Mount Carmel?

Students who successfully complete all the components of our eight month program receive a diploma in Christian Studies, which means you have… a diploma in Christian Studies. Seriously, this year is not about a job or piece of paper, its about life.

Does Mount Carmel offer any student financial aid?

No. There are however, a couple of part time jobs at the school that students can apply for, such as janitorial work and snow removal.

Do you accept students who do not speak English as their first language?

While we welcome people from all backgrounds, a basic working knowledge of Englishis necessary. Potential students for whom English is a second language will be asked tocomplete and score a minimum of 440 on the paper based TOEFL test. Students scoringlower that 550 on the TOEFL will be required to participate in an ESL course at anadditional cost of $1000 per year.

What are the requirements for home-educated applicants?

Applicants to Mount Carmel Bible College must have a high school diploma. We are open to home-educated students who do not have a diploma provided they submit evidence of academic achievement in the form of a General Education Development (GED) certificate, or an equivalent assessment such as an SAT. Mature applicants (over 21) without a high school diploma may be accepted with a sufficient academic and/or career background, subject to the approval of the registrar. Please contact the office for further details.

Can I work while I am a student?

Mount Carmel encourages students to work part-time while they are at school. Not only does this help students financially, it keeps students connected to real people and real life. We would like our students to be part of a strong Christian community and stay connected to people who are not part of that group at the same time. Students are not required to get a part time job, but we think it is a wise choice for students to make. If needed, we will lighten the requirements from other aspects of our program for those who do need to hold a part time job.