Winter 2023 Short Report


Rats. They were crawling around his drug-addled body. As I watched them eating from the plate of food that was slowly slipping out of his limp hand, I thought I might vomit. I won't forget that sight any time soon. It is a memory that remains fresh from our school's recent Ministry Exposure Trip to Vancouver; a trip designed to help students better understand the brokenness, injustice, and poverty in our country. There are moments when I think I am familiar with the realities of homelessness and the effects of addiction. However, moments like this still surprise me and make me ask questions.
How do we bring healing to this level of brokenness?
How do you push back against the destructive power of sin once it has reached this level of desperation?
Does a hot meal or a friendly smile really make a difference?
Yet, as I reflect on the hopelessness of the situation, I can't help but see the parallels to my own hopeless state. Does God view me or my sins any differently than those of an addict? Where would I be without the grace and forgiveness of Christ? My vices might not look like open sores caused by drug use, but my sin is no less ugly next to the perfect God we worship.
As it says in Colossians 1:13, "For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves."
If there is one thing the rats remind me of, it is my need for a Saviour to rescue me out of my own hopeless state. At Mount Carmel, we strive to help students “Know God and live for Him". It is the hope that, once we recognize and know the saving grace of Jesus, our lives shift. We no longer live for our own agenda but instead strive to follow and exalt him.
Besides the rats, what stands out from my time in Vancouver are the countless men and women we met whose lives have been transformed by Christ. Believers who, having experienced the transforming love of God, are dedicating their lives to faithfully serving and loving the vulnerable.
This year, we hope and pray that we undergo a similar transformation. We hope to recognize the saving love of God and learn to share that love by serving those around us.


We are sad to announce that this will be Mike Pedde’s last year on staff. We are so thankful for the twenty-three years of service and the time he has dedicated to the school and its students. Stay tuned to hear more from Mike as he reflects back on his years at Carmel.


Thanks to everyone who gave so generously to our Giving Tuesday campaign! We raised almost $28,000, well above our goal! We are so thankful for the continued support of our community.


Dec. 15: Early-Bird Application Deadline

Jan. 31: Open House

Feb. 9-10: Focus Youth Conference

Feb. 29: Perogy Fest + Thunderpong


We asked a few of our students about their first semester of school. Here are their responses!

What is one adventure you are hoping to pursue in the next ten years?

Sarah: To travel around the world and see where God takes me. I have a heart for people, and I want to see God’s creation while also seeing how he can use me to better his kingdom.

Doran: There’s so much I want to do, but I’m not sure if or when I will get the chance to do any of it. I would love to backpack across Europe with some friends, enjoying nature with people I like.

Sarah Joy: Travelling to England and South Africa because my grandmother was born in England and was raised in South Africa.

In what ways has Christ made a difference in your life this year?

Sarah: I have started growing in the right direction. Before coming to Carmel, I was scared to discuss my faith. I felt that I didn’t have the knowledge to back up anything I said. I knew it was real to me, but I didn’t know how to explain it to others. However, even in just a few months at Carmel, I’ve learned through the classes, serving, and talking with other students how to share Jesus with others, or at the least, tell them why I believe in Jesus.

Doran: As I have grown in my faith this year, I have been delighted to find that it has become more difficult to make selfish decisions and easier to act with others in mind rather than myself.

Sarah Joy: I have more trust in God to provide for me in my relationships. I am starting to make friends by talking with people.

If you had to give a book title to describe your first few months at Mount Carmel, what would it be and why?

Sarah: “Stepping Out”, because I struggled a bit during these first few months. I’m not great at making deep connections with people. I make friends easily but never tell them anything real about me. So, it has been really good for me to try and step out of my comfort zone and focus on making deeper connections with the people here.

Doran: Probably something cheesy, like “A Whole New World” or “Growing Seeds,” because this year has been like a plunge into freezing waters; I have been shocked and surprised at how much Christ has been at work around me, and how much I have grown.

Sarah Joy

Sarah Joy: It would be “The Best Year Of My Life”! I applied because my high school math teacher, Beverly Robertson, shared her experience at Mount Carmel Bible College. Thank you so much Beverly!

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